Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones have formed an important part of everybody’s life. The current mobile phone market is growing. The current mobile phone market has been captured by the new generation smart phones, tablet devices. Newer innovations outranging like the introduction of smart watches by Samsung and apple. All these devices are working on high end platforms and application softwares. The demand of the application software is rising and will continue to rise as newer technical devices, upgraded platforms emerge. The demand of the application software in the world is everlasting and growing.

Various Smart device operating system offered by different companies:

  • IOS- the famous iphones, ipad, ipod and iwatch(to be launched early 2015) run on this operating system
  • Android- Its a freeware operating system for the smartphones and a number of smart phones/tablets use this platform. HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo phones and Tablets, Acer phones and Tablets etc. use this platform. It occupies the majority of market share.
  • Windows- Microsoft introduced the Windows platform in Nokia smartphones now by overtaking the Nokia Mobile Phone business unit they have launched their own series of Mobile phones under the brand name Microsoft Lumia.
  • Tizen- Recently the South Korean electronics company Samsung announced and launched their series of smartphones. The newer versions of these phones are to be Tizen Platform based.

With this growing competition these different mobile phone operating system platforms require the application softwares. As these softwares are developed particularly for Mobile phone devices and are platform specific hence are called Mobile Phone Application Softwares. No doubt that the developer of these softwares develops the software for each platform or these softwares are compatible to work on all platforms.

Categorization of application softwares for mobile devices-

  • Games
  • Social networking- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Function specific softwares- weather, compass, astrology, music players, video players, camera, browsing applications etc.
  • Business specific softwares- these application softwares can be used by employees or by customers related to companies to access the information on their relevance. E.g. BSNL provides portals for their customers to pay bills, change data plans, recharge prepaid connections, etc. Employees can access their workplace portals on mobile applications to access the relevant information or assignments or list out the information relevant and shared with them.
  • Banking softwares- mobile banking softwares for different banking institutes HDFC, Axis Bank, SBI etc.
  • Device softwares- softwares to enhance your mobile device system mostly offered by the device manufacturer for better use of the device and technology – anti virus, battery, system tools, display softwares, camera technology etc.

Mobile Application Development encompasses the following stages:

  • Identification- in this the demand of the particular application is captured and its need is emphasised on.
  • Planning- in this the application goes through the prototypes encompassing the features and what the execution of software should do. The software is broken into sub modules like the user interface, sub-features, etc.
  • Programming modules – actual design of the software modules. Programming different modules
  • Testing- testing of the modules individually and then collectively under controlled and uncontrolled environment both at developer’s site and user’s site.
  • Integrating- the modules into application software and creating the license for end user.
  • Deployment- finally after the successful testing of the software, its deployement to the platform market for end user.
  • Feedback- by the end user at the developers portal at the market.

Software development is an iterative model and all the process forms a cycle for improvement and fixing the problems until the application is replaced by another application or is exhausted or becomes obsolete.

Mobile device Application Software development sector is rising and the platforms have their own markets- Google Play, AppleStore, Nokia store, Windows store, etc. to buy the freeware or paid softwares as per users will.

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