Hex Products

Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in web designing, ERP solutions and mobile app development for educational institutes & industrial establishments. Hex Technology, your IT Consultant, provides a complete, innovative business/academic solutions in terms of the IT proficiency that your business/institute requires. We offer our expertise for your business/institute unit. By understanding your business model we develop a complete end to end solution.

For Academic Institutions

“mySkoolApp™”-School Management Software comes as a fresh gust of air, with a promise to usher in Smart Technology in all attributes of 21st education. It opens a wide vistas that will change education management is done in schools by bringing a futuristic SMART solution on to your mobile touch screens and computer monitors. It is a SMART communication tool, which brings on a common footing : school, parents and students.

Media & Cable TV Industry

We have already delivered our solutions in domestic & overseas market in the field of media management like e-channels, live stream on SMART phones, cash collections apps, ERPs etc. In the domain of Cable Network services, the penetration of Hex Technologies is to the extent of 95% in Himachal Pradesh, 85% in Punjab and 45% in Haryana. Our international cliental includes US, France, Germany and New Zealand.


We are proud to share our Enterprise solutions (ERPs), we have delivered to the market.

mySkoolApp ERP Solution

  • Cash Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Retail Billing Solution
  • Water Billing Solution

Transportation Applications

“e-BUS” is the most advanced e-ticketing solution for city, short route and long route buses. It makes on route bus staff and backend staff more productive & efficent in their daily operations. With e-ticketing, it also gives live view of cash management, bus location and ticket checker location to the transportation officier and bus company owner through a well designed web panel.